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Watch some of the great videos below to help you as you move along in your career.

1. Professional Interview Tips | Online Interviews
Do you have an online interview coming up? Are you ready? Watch this video for tips.


2. Start Your Career |  LinkedIn
LinkedIn is the perfect place to connect and network with other professionals. 

3. Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are |  Dr. Amy Cuddy
Body language says a great deal about us. Your body language is very important in the professional world – especially in interviews.

4. Five Ways to Listen Better | Julian Treasure
Julian Treasure shares five ways to re-tune your ears for conscious listening. Listening in the professional world is very important. Watch this video for more details.

5. How to Avoid Death By PowerPoint | David J. Phillips
Do you have an up-coming presentation? In this video, David Phillips, gives tips on how to make your PowerPoint presentation memorable.

6. Selective Attention Test | Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris
How well do you pay attention? In the professional world, it is very important to pay attention to details. Watch this video to find out your level of attention. Did you pass?

7. Elevator Pitch for Networking
How you represent yourself in 30 seconds can make all the difference in the world in the world of networking. The power of networking goes a long way. Watch this video to find out more information.

8. Millennials in the Workplace | Simon Sinek
Understanding people in the workplace is very important. In this video, Simon Sinek talks about Millennials.


There are also links to some great videos to help you in your career.

1. Bureau of Labor Statistics Career Videos

Are you trying to decide which career field to choose? There are some videos here that may help you decide:


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2 thoughts on “Video Library

  1. Loved the videos! Especially the body language one! I definitely find myself making judgements based upon others’ body language! I have found that great posture exudes confidence. Confident people to me are pretty smart… just my quick two sense lol! ((:

    1. Misty, it’s so good to see you again! I am so pleased you loved the videos. They are some awesome videos that I have shared with my higher education students. The body language is definitely fascinating – especially with respect to interviews. When teaching during that class, I would tell my students to go in a quiet place and do the victory pose before going to an interview. It makes a difference! You are correct when you say posture exudes confidence. Yes! Thank you for stopping by my site and have a great rest of your week.

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